iPhone 4 Screen Flickers

iPhone 4 Screen Flickers

iPhone screen flickering? Give this a shot

I’ve had my iPhone 4 (work phone) about a year now. And just a few days ago I noticed I had a case of the iPhone 4 screen flickers. It’s a bit lighter and you can see lines like you would if you looked very closely to a TV set. I’ve added an image, but that doesn’t add anything because the flicker doesn’t affect it.

So my investigation begins as to why this is happening. I’m sure I’m just days or weeks away from having it go black out on me. But I’ll get into the store to see if I can take advantage of the warranty. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted. If you’ve had the same problem, lemme know!

BTW: It’s in an Otter Box case so it’s very well protected so if it’s a loose connection inside, that’s a design flaw!

Update: iPhone 4 screen flickers

Go to SETTINGS > BRIGHTNESS and disable AUTO-BRIGHTNESS for a few minutes and then flip it back on. If that doesn’t work, disable AUTO-BRIGHTNESS and pull the brightness down just below max and leave it. Let us know if that works for you.

This post has become fairly popular so I wanted to provide some feedback that I’ve found on the web. While we don’t now the exact cause of the iPhone 4 flicker problem, many people have taken different routes in trying to solve it. here are a few forum responses from people facing this issue. The flicker issue affects mostly iPhone 4’s, but can be experienced in iPads as well. And some are getting this issue with the upgrade to the iOS6 software.

User Success Stories

Mattfl30: I had this issue and reboots didn’t worked. I turned down my brightness from full to just below. No more flickering.

JerrySFL: My fix was to do a complete reset of my iPad wipe out everything and restore it from the backup My iPad now works great and I didn’t lose any information I am shocked. Took four hours but I’m up and running again.

Alex_ionut2003: Today I’ve come along a strange issue with 1 iPhone 4s. Display was flickering in all 4 corners of the screen. Searched for a solution but with no success.  For anybody else that face this problem… this is a software problem that causes this strange hardware issue. To fix this problem just do the following. Go to SETTINGS—>BRIGHTNESS and disable Auto-Brightness for a few minutes and then re-activate it. Your screen should be back to normal.

Hope some of these things helped. Please leave your comments below and let us know what has worked for you.

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