The next generation is ready to take over

The next generation is ready to take over

My mind was blown today.

I was cranking out some work at my desk when my FaceTime started going off. Thanks to Apple’s new update, ALL of my devices started blowing up.

Turned out it was my nephew. I clicked him on and we chatted about ‘something cool’ he just had to show me.

He flipped his iPod around and pointed it at my brother’s computer screen.

This is about how the dialogue proceeded:

Uncle Josh, you have to see this. There is this cool site called Moodle. my school uses it, he said.

I quickly pulled it up online to check it out. He logged in and showed me the dashboard of tools students at his school can use. He clicked on Google Drive. That brought him to a web page that he said he designed.

A group of my friends made this page. And look…

He pointed to this website’s domain address. He actually figured out how to link it up and post it on the page for his entire school to see.


Apparently my nephew started a ‘club’ with some friends. If you want to be in the club, you have to type ‘bring me in’ and state your name in the comments (gotta love his call to action!).

We checked and it tells how many people click on the link, he said. Last check it had 743 people. My school has 860 students.

I couldn’t believe it. I know marketing companies that would pay millions for that kind of click-through rate!

Like the next guy, I’m all about link juice and online promotion, but from your nephew?!

I forgot to mention my nephew is 10-years-old.

I’m one proud uncle. My nephew is very smart with gadgets and will most likely be a hacker, one niece is already an amazing gymnast and the other is a ridiculously good hockey goalie. Their success is fun to watch.

Watch out, the little ones are onto us. Soon they will be running the world.

Josh Benson

Josh Benson writes about the web, technology, TV News and life in general. He's a self-admitted geek and loves being a Dad. He covers the day's news on WFLA-TV in Tampa, Florida. He struggles to learn code and work out but loves all things tech and web!

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