How to get 280 characters in Twitter

How to get 280 characters in Twitter

Most of us aren’t popular, cool, or lucky enough to be on ‘beta’ lists when software companies come out with their latest and greatest updates. Take Twitter’s 280 character limit update. They plan to test it with a ‘small group’ of people. I wasn’t on the list and most likely, you weren’t email.

Thank goodness for workarounds. You may wonder how to get 280 characters in Twitter? There’s now a way. I clearly didn’t have much to add.

Now it’s your chance to give it a shot. Thanks to programmer Juliette Pretot.

Step 1.

Drag this button up to your bookmarks bar.

Tweet 280

Step 2.

Go to, first click the bookmark, then click the new tweet button in the top left corner.

How to get 280 characters in Twitter

Step 3.

Tweet like a maniac. That’s how to get 280 characters in Twitter. Hope you have fun.


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