Day 32: Rest Day

I shouldn’t be taking a Rest Day already, but there is zero time. Early to work on my reporting day and stay to anchor the late shows. So it’s a bit tough to get the time in to work out – so Thursdays are my day off. Fairly uneventful day so far. Work began on the exterior of the Amway Arena. The developers say they are starting to remove the debris from inside of the Arena. The...

Day 31: Back & Biceps

New month, new workouts. Today we move onto Back & Biceps. It was a pretty good workout. I’m not too excited about the results up until now because of the fact my diet has been all over the place to be honest with you. I eat very well during the week, and eat what I want on weekends (which isn’t bad). It takes a lot to not only work out almost every day, but to eat perfectly...

Day 30: Plyometrics

Back on track! After a little stumble and bumble, I was back in the office working out before work. Got some good Plyo in today (although the legs were a little wobbly). But it felt good to detox and get the blood moving again. So now starts a new month on the program. We have a family cruise coming up in a month, so I don’t have a lot of time to get the beach body ready. But the good news...

Day 29: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

Another loser of a day. Well, it’s more like sleep in and travel all day and get home and barely make it before you have to go-to-bed day. Again, it was a great wedding. So, as much as it hurts to take this final Red X, I must. The true test will be if I can get back on track tomorrow after this crazy busy weekend. So we’ll see.  In past attempts, if I missed more than 3 days in P90x...

Day 28: Yoga X

Urgh. Recovery after wedding. Hey…I was the best man. I had an extra good time. Red X me once again.

Day 27: Core Synergistics

Urgh. Red X. Wedding day today for my buddy and I figured it was going to be a bit tight. Haircut in AM, rehearsal, pictures, ceremony, reception, late to bed, blah blah. So X me. I’m sure more will follow. It was a great wedding. (:

Day 26: X-Stretch

Glad today was the X-stretch because it was another busy day and I had to workout quickly from the confines of our hotel room in downtown Minneapolis. We are in town for my buddy Nick Thacker’s wedding. We got a great room on the corner of the building overlooking some of downtown. The weather isn’t too bad, about 30-degrees. This workout was quick, but got it in. Tomorrow is the...

Day 25: Rest Day

Lots of traveling today. Heading back to Minnesota and have a few things going on so this day is jam-packed. Going to take the day off early in the week. Back to the tundra! Have a good week.

Day 24: Kenpo X

Forget water-boarding. If you want to punish a criminal, just turn on the fire alarm all morning. My apartment complex decided to test our sprinklers today. But along with that came the fire alarm. Beeeeeeeeeeeeep Attention! Attention! This is an emergency. Stop what you’re doing and leave the building immediately. Beeeeeep! I’m all about safety. But this went on and on for hours. I...

Day 23: Core Synergystics

Time to make the abs shake. This workout really hammers your abs. It feels pretty good because now my ab muscles are starting to wake up and not feel like a down pillow. Today’s workout was great. I got a bunch of sleep again so that really helped out. So another star on the board and we keep marching – my buddy’s wedding is encroaching, but I think we’ll be alright. This...

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