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Out of gas

Well, I’ve survived. The Bucs have won the Super Bowl and it comes on the heels of the Rays making the World Series and the Lightning winning the Stanley Cup. Tampa has been on fire lately. You could consider it Title Town, USA at this point. Before it was just Tampa. Now it’s synonymous with the best sports and and the some of the most rapid population growth in the country. Covering...

Inauguration Day

Today was quite a day for the country. We watched as now former President Donald Trump boarded Marine One to depart the White House for the last time. We watched as Joe Biden became President Biden. We watched as the first woman – the first black woman – was sworn in as Vice President. Kamala Harris has changed history. This isn’t a political post. I won’t take sides. But...

How to win a billion dollars

I run the office lottery pool. And things are hot right now. Not that we’re winning anything, but there’s a great sense of morale in the newsroom for those playing the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries. If we were to hit either, we’d have $750M to distribute. Usually the office pool isn’t on the radar unless a jackpot is worth north of $300M. It’s definitely...

Sad day for America

As I sit here in the studio watching national coverage of the chaos at the nation’s Capitol, I find it hard to put into words what I’m seeing. During big events, national news will go ‘wall to wall’ meaning they take over coverage and local affiliates like us take a back seat unless a piece of local coverage is important enough to take back the coverage. This is obviously...

Is the Florida coronavirus vaccine rollout a disaster?

Topping the news in Florida right now is the failure to get coronavirus vaccines into the arms our our citizens. It's an interesting blame game wrought with red tape. The losers are our 65-year-old and older population and front line workers. Suffice it to say, it appears the Florida coronavirus vaccine rollout is a disaster.

I’m convinced anyone can be an audio book narrator

I’ve been diving into a lot of audio books lately. While I don’t mind reading, I find I do enough of it reading the news day in and day out. The last thing I want to do is analyze words in page format for enjoyment. This is why I turn to audio books. And I’m convinced anyone can be an audio book narrator. That’s not a good thing. I started months ago and joined

Funny thing happened on the way to work today

I was headed into work today and was hustling because I had to be in for an appointment. It was cold, so I (and others around me) were bundled up. I saw a guy walking toward the station and he may have been mumbling to himself. The guy looked a heckuva lot like John Tesh. You know the guy. Is it THE John Tesh? I couldn’t confirm. I was now walking directly behind him. He opened the door...

When you think a cold case is about to be solved

Many of you know that I co-founded a non-profit for a missing news anchor. Her name was Jodi Huisentruit. She worked in small market in Mason City, Iowa. She was abducted on June 17, 1995. And in 17 years of covering, investigating and dissecting her case, I thought yesterday it was about to be solved. This has happened literally dozens of times. I got into following the case in 2002 when I...

The Broom Challenge tests human intellect, disappoints

There’s a new social media challenge ready to sunset itself because it’s 15 minutes of fame are nearly up. The premise of the Broom Challenge is simple: balance a broom so it stands on its own. Easy enough right? Well, the Broom Challenge is sweeping the interwebs all thanks to a claim tying NASA to the social test. What is the Broom Challenge? According to Twitter, the Broom...

Dads and miscarriage: it’s sucks for everyone

If you’ve ever dealt with a miscarriage, I don’t have to tell you how frustrating, sad and awful it is. My wife Tara and I have dealt with our fair share and wished we hadn’t, but that’s life. We’ve found over time, the pain remains, but gets better when you work through it together. And for Dads and miscarriage, it’s not much easier. I learned a lot through...

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