Dash cams everywhere (just not in Orlando)

access_timeNovember 19, 2010

When I moved to Orlando and started at WFTV-TV, I noticed we cover a lot of crime stories. A lot. Our reporters are very good

Something a-brewin’ at Apple

access_timeNovember 15, 2010

Apple is promising a big announcement on Tuesday, taking over the homepage of its website with a teaser promising that tomorrow is a day “that

Website discovery saves the day!

access_timeNovember 7, 2010

I had a near-disaster today. Since I live in Orlando, I don’t get all the Vikings games on TV. So I sent a Slingbox to

AT&T go bye-bye

access_timeOctober 6, 2010

A new report says Apple Inc. is getting ready to manufacture a new iPhone that works on cellular networks based on CDMA technology, a move

I reached to pick it up, and…

access_timeSeptember 28, 2010

Horror.  I’ve had my iPhone 4 for less than a month. Now look. What an IDIOT. I was talking on the phone in the kitchen

Skywitnessing it all from above

access_timeSeptember 28, 2010

News helicopters are so cool. And they are such a valuable tool. I’ve never worked at a station that has a news helicopter until now.

iPad replacing news scripts? Down with War and Peace!

access_timeApril 29, 2010

It’s a sight that takes my breath away. Not in a good way. Every morning they sit there, stacked perfectly, just waiting for me to

Remembering the Newton, Welcoming the iPad

access_timeFebruary 11, 2010

The new iPad with WiFi will be out in March. The WiFi/3G combo will  be released in April. Either way, I think I’m going to

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