Squeege is eating our chips

access_timeJune 30, 2013

I came across some of my old, 8mm video tapes the other day. I shot a lot of video back in college during parties, band

18 years: the search for Jodi Huisentruit

access_timeJune 27, 2013

18 years is a hell of a long time to wait without answers. I can’t imagine how the family of former television news anchor Jodi

Suits, custom-suits and custom, laser-cut suits?

access_timeJune 27, 2013

I’ve always been a fan of a really good suit. I can’t say I’ve owned anywhere near the best kind of suit a guy can

Caption this: Lebron chats with a 5-year-old

access_timeJune 24, 2013

Lebron James rolled up to the AmericanAirlines Arena Friday to take on the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Upon doing

How to survive a rip current

access_timeJune 11, 2013

We recently covered a sad story of a French tourist who disappeared into the waters off of Miami Beach. His body was found a few

The new mid-life crisis: the Internet

access_timeMay 27, 2013

If you were asked to step away from the Internet, could you? No, stop and think hard. Could you actually stop using your cell phone

Primer: Your first, unexpected TV news interview

access_timeMay 6, 2013

Oh no, that reporter is looking at me… Don’t pick me, don’t pick me…run. I gotta get out of here, I gotta… Oh hi! Yes,

New season. New website.

access_timeApril 27, 2013

Hey everyone. Thanks for stopping by the website. I’m doing a little spring cleaning. I’m adding in a new theme and while I generally don’t

Today is the voter registration deadline

access_timeOctober 9, 2012

Have you registered to vote? Today is your last day. Get after it.

That day, 11 years ago

access_timeSeptember 11, 2012

It doesn’t take long for people to start asking ‘where were you when the planes hit’ on any anniversary of 9/11. Today is no different.