What just happened?

Well, hello there. Talk about being derailed. Since I left you, the world essentially stopped moving, people have been holed up in their homes, we had a baby and life just seemed to get wickedly strange. Now it’s like we’re coming out of the cellar after the tornado blew through to see what is left. Adjusting our eyes as we emerge from the basements…it’s a bizarre feeling...

Olympics are postponed and other coronavirus updates

Today it was back to work for me. Having a few days off helped the soul like nothing else. Last week seriously felt like we worked an entire month. It was extremely draining and felt like it would never end. Updates were coming in by literally the minute. It was a lot to process. This week, we’re getting a better idea of what’s happening – and it’ isn’t good. The...

Stuck inside and feeling it

Boy, this thing just started and I’m starting to feel it. It’s great to have a weekend off, but I’m staring down paternity leave in a few days and I know there will be little to no sleep and a LOT of sitting around and making-do. I actually excel in that scenario. I have endless projects and work to keep me busy (Shameless Plug: Check out my pandemic project Concert Corona...

Josh Benson

Josh Benson writes about the web, social media, entrepreneurship, television news and life in general. He covers the days news as a news anchor for WFLA-TV in Tampa, Florida. He's also a web designer/developer. He lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife Tara and two daughters Bella and Brooklyn.


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