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We put up a billboard for a missing person and today it was vandalized

I stay extremely busy. Maybe to a fault. While I have a full time job, I manage to fill every other waking minute with other work, interests and hobbies. One such interest I have always had is missing persons cases. Most of you know that I co-founded a non-profit organization called, Inc. It all centers around a missing anchorwoman named Jodi Huisentruit. She disappeared while on her...

I ditched cable for YouTube TV and I’m smiling

And it’s a big smile. I ditched cable for YouTube TV. If you read yesterday’s post about upgrading your AT&T devices, you may have noticed I can’t stand dealing with service providers like cable and phone companies. They survive by feeing you to death. Fee here, fee there, added fee, discounted but fee in 6 months and so on. It’s maddening. Surely you’ve been...

Read this before upgrading your AT&T device

Tis’ the season for sifting through the up-charges on your phone and cable bills. Spending time on the phone with a service provider of any sort – for any length of time – is about as fun as a appendectomy. So much to my chagrin, I felt like I should probably challenge the 100% increase on my AT&T phone bill that greeted me this month. Yes, we upgraded our phones. But we...

The genius of L.O.L. Surprise! dolls

I asked my daughter Bella (who’s almost 4 years old) what she wanted for Christmas this year. Without missing a beat, she said L.O.L. Dolls. What the hell is an L.O.L. Doll, I thought? Apparently, they’re the rage. And their proper name is L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls. Perhaps your kid asked for them this year? Upon further review, these dolls are ridiculous. Not in a good way...

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Josh Benson writes about the web, social media, entrepreneurship, television news and life in general. He covers the days news as a news anchor for WFLA-TV in Tampa, Florida. He's also a web designer/developer. He lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife Tara and two daughters Bella and Brooklyn.


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